Ours is a story in Three Parts. Part  One - my brother, Ryan, created a delicious recipe for a vegan chocolate spread when he was living amongst the tropical cacao and coconut trees in Costa Rica. The spread was made from four simple ingredients and was completely free of refined sugars or anything unnatural.

When Ryan moved back to Austin, Texas he decided it was selfish to keep his decadent spread all to himself.  And so he created his own brand, Lovebean Fudge, to spread the love to others.  And others loved him for it.  And so everyone was happy until Ryan decided to move to California to pursue other adventures.

P A R T  T W O

T H E  O G  C L A N

The second part of our story introduces the O'Grady clan.  That's me in the middle - I moved to Scotland over 20 years ago after meeting my husband, and we raised our family in the shadow of Bennachie, in the heart of Aberdeenshire.

A few years ago, two things happened that changed the way we think about the food we eat.  After being heavy my whole life, I decided I wanted to give up all refined sugar and processed foods.  This resulted in a significant weight loss, a huge improvement in wellbeing, and a desperate need to find a sweet treat that I could indulge in without guilt.  

At the same time, a member of the family was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes and we learned how important it was to find sweet treats that wouldn't spike blood sugar the same as other spreads. 

Basically, we needed Phudge.

P A R T  T h r e e

Part Three brings us to 2019.  Having mastered my brother's recipe and consumed as much of it as was fair without sharing, I decided it was time to bring this rich, decadent spread to other like-minded health nuts who quietly enjoy an indulgent treat now and then.


And so, Phudge was born.  We launched with Ryan's original recipe, which we call The OG.  But this is just the beginning of our story, because we have lots of ideas for more delicious spreads and snacks, and we definitely want to share them with you just as soon we do enough sampling to make sure you'll like them.  

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